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Promote and develop your trade business in China.


Internationalization means recognizing development opportunities for growth beyond national borders and realizing the need for change.

Launching a branded company into one or more foreign markets is a process like establishing a new company for opening.

There is an integration of multifaceted resources and languages without geographical and cultural barriers.
Forecasting of business directions, planning and mastery of markets;
Guided by marketing, effectively implementing resources;
Innovative marketing, reflecting brand differentiation;
Mastery of international logistics, customs procedures and international payments;
Knowledge of local laws and regulations (health, labor, tax, and finance, etc.).

Mediterraneokina is a company that can help you achieve these goals and objectives.

Brand planning

Mediterraneokina can assist the brand

Target Market

Potential Partners

Market Analysis

Investment projects abroad

  • Promote and develop trade finance business in Greater China.
  • Select the target market and formulate import and export plans.
  • Find potential partners and organize work tasks.
  • Carry out development and investment projects abroad.
  • Management of international activities.
  • Market analysis and export strategy.
  • Identify the most favorable market for the brand and formulate the most suitable business strategy.
  • Find partners and business meetings to get in touch with business intermediaries, suppliers, customers and production partners.
  • Management of foreign business operations, the development of business contacts provide a wide range of services including:
    • operational advice and support to the actual landing of the market
    • in contact with local financial institutions to on-site management relationships with local financial institutions and the development of communication
    • participation in trade fairs

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