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Mediterraneokina team help entrepreneurs and companies whose brand companies are oriented to foreign markets with a wide range of services in the field of international consulting.

Mediterraneokina is specialized in the planning and implementation of business models for brands entering the Italian, Greek and Greater China markets.
The Mediterraneokina’s team is able to lead our clients' brand companies on the path to export and/or internationalization.
In short, geopolitical and risk analysis and timely market identification.
Mediterraneokina Company can lead the brand team to implement business strategy.
It also sets up and manages export and/or internationalization projects.
and provides business management in this specialized area.
Mediterraneokina Company can help brand enterprises to face foreign market entrepreneurs and companies, and provide a wide range of services in the field of international consulting.
From the very first step, acting abroad requires the mobilization of important economic and organizational resources. The first aim is to assist clients in properly assessing the business opportunities offered by cross-border markets.

Finding foreign partners
Responsible for designing and organizing delegations abroad, paying attention to correctly map the target markets to find cross-border suppliers, customers and partners.

Market research
A prerequisite for launching any new activity in another country is to know the local market sector. The company's professionals use a specially created tools and network of contacts developed over the years to provide clients with a map of their chosen foreign markets.

Mediterraneokina can help brand companies Specific department analysis Some foreign market sectors require special international consulting. Provide detailed analysis agreed with the customer. Feasibility study and business plan development.

Before starting an overseas business plan, several upstream variables must be evaluated. Develop a business plan suitable for the customer and consider the feasibility of the project.

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